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Friday, February 27, 2015


We got a foot of snow Monday/Tuesday and another foot overnight...and still coming down. These are for those of you who love snow pics!! They are taken from the deck of our woodshed.

Trying To All Be Alike by Sakoieta'

It seems like people always want to be the first to know, the first to do when it comes to new fads, clothing styles, diet programs, etc. But when there is a rush off to do what everyone else does, to dress as everyone else does, to diet as everyone else does, we may find ourselves very unsatisfied in the long run because we didn't really do a full self assessment to actualize what is it we really need and what really nourishes our being and our soul. We have all been created individually and there is nothing wrong with saying no to the fads and wearing, eating, or dressing in a manner that makes us feel totally competent to present ourselves as just that, ourselves as a whole, complete human being.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Millions Of Ice Cycles

One of the subtle beauties following a major snow storm are the ice cycles that hang all over the trees. When the sunlight catches them just right they sparkle and make it magical. This morning the sun is behind the clouds, off and on, so I couldn't catch it just right but the photo shows the ice cycles none the less. Another foot of snow predicted for tonight so I need to brandish the snow shovel and make room for the incoming snow.

Our area is also in the avalanche warning area. About the only avalanche we see is the one coming off the steep roof of our A-Frame cabin. When that wall of snow hits you it can knock you right off your feet. At best it just goes down your collar which is very stimulating.  Winter in the mountains has finally arrived and our shirt sleeve weather seems gone for a while.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Snow Photos

 We received 24" of fresh snow and it is very welcome. It is that time of winter that the snow is built up along the driveway to about 8' snow banks and the snow thrower can't get it over the top and is slides right back down. Now the winter work really begins. Shovel down the snow banks and then push them down hill.
Even the back yard where the dogs go potty is down to a single lane around the back yard. Next storm is due tomorrow...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

First Snow Photos

 It is still snowing and we have a little over a foot of fresh snow so far. The forecast is for the snow to continue through tonight and stop mid day tomorrow with another 20" possible. Certainly nothing we are not used to and can deal with.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weather Experiment On Forecasters

The forecasters all agreed that we would have a 90% chance of snow starting at 11:00 AM today. Now six hours later and the skies are blue with a few billowy white clouds floating around. In Denver the news shows heavy snow on the front range but so far here it has been a very pleasant day.

I don't think the forecasters will be wrong for long but so far the forecast they still have up is that we were to receive snow this morning and we have not seen a flake yet. Perhaps they are not wrong but just off on their timing. I think this goes to show that often the weather people do have trouble predicting weather in the mountains.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Weather Forecast - Accurate???

The weather forecasters have predicted 18-28" of new snow for our area. This will be a good test since they are all in agreement. We have had forecasts like this before and did not receive a flake. Usually they are all different in their predictions but in this case they all are pretty much in agreement with each other. A few years ago we had a forecast like this and when the last flake fell we had 72" of new snow. That took a while to dig out from but usually 2-3' is not out of the ordinary and nothing to get alarmed about.

Receiving 28" of snow can be daunting if you live in a city but here it is just something to deal with. I'm posting this now to check the accuracy of the forecasters before the storm arrives so in a few days I'll post the results. In the mountains getting it right for the weather people is really tough. I do feel they are right in this case because the birds are really chowing down on the sunflower seeds we put out for them and the suet is really going fast. Birds and animals know when something is going to happen and are good indicators in my humble opinion. I trust them more than a program in a computer in Pueblo or Denver. Stay tuned for those of you hoping to one day live in the mountains and I'll try to post some photo's. I think the weather people are right this time and I hope folks will enjoy photos of a big snow storm - especially if they don't have to shovel it.

Elements Of A Good Relationship by Sakoieta'

Control is a touchy subject for most people since most people believe they have the right to do anything and say anything they wish and that no one has the right to challenge that. I look to the three precepts of the Two Row Wampum when I think about control. Between two parties there was the understanding that control and relationships would be bound in Peace, Mutual Respect, and Friendship. If a people love and respect themselves, they will love and respect others as well. Do good to others but also do good to yourself. We need to constantly stop and think what we look like and what our actions look like to others. Do we exemplify Peace, Mutual Respect and Friendship or are we seen as being over bearing, stubborn and selfish? Is our nature to get what we want by treading on the feelings and beliefs of others? Kindness only takes a few minutes and heals many wounds. We can always show respect for all people and then if need be with Peace, Mutual Respect and Friendship address inappropriate behaviors and actions.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Words Of Peace - by Sakoieta'

More and more, especially with the internet, it is important for people to think before they speak. Once words are spoken they can never be retracted. I really appreciated the teachings I was given with the flute when I was learning to play. I was told our words should be like the breathe we put forth into the flute, very soft making beautiful music. If we breathe with too great a force the flute will squeak and not make the beautiful music it was designed to do, that same with especially when we talk to our female relatives and partner in a strong voice the words are harsh and unloving or kind. The words we speak can either give life to people or take it away. The choice of speaking with words of beauty or harshly is and always has been ours to choose.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Finally Winter Has Arrived

 This is more normal weather today with the new accumulation of 16" of fresh light snow. The 15 MPH wind and the 10 degree temperature makes it pretty cold outside. We were beginning to wonder if winter would ever arrive this year but finally it made an appearance. It is suppose to warm up to 28 degrees later today which will make it less chilling.
I know what I'll be doing the rest of the day today - clearing snow is pretty high up the list of to-do's.
By my rough count we now have a total of 122" of snow which is not quite half average snowfall for us. We are not worried yet because we still have at least 10 weeks of snow season left.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Check out the latest blog on Mother Earth News about the 'great social experiment' regarding marijuana. While there are many positives on this plant and the revenue it brings into the state it does have some draw backs that either were not anticipated or not disclosed to the voters. There are some down sides and the article points out a few of them.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Winter In The Mountains

Winter in the mountains is pretty consistent from year to year. We may get more or less snow but the way it happens is consistent. It can be 50 degrees one day and below zero the next. It can be nice and pleasant outside when we go to bed and we will wake up to a foot or more of snow. Weather forecasters are frequently wrong in trying to predict mountain weather. We brace for a major storm and get nothing or we expect nice weather and get significant snowfall.
What is consistent is following the snow we usually get windy conditions that drifts and blows the snow in various places. After we initially clear the snow over the next few days we are clearing it again due to the wind. In the winter moving snow out of the way seems like a never ending process. Coupled with our fluctuating temperatures which put a crust on the snow we can't afford not to keep pushing it back frequently. Failure to keep it pushed back can result in being slowly closed in by snow storms. Some piles of snow will get to 8' deep or more.
What is consistent is the snow happening and the wind that moves it around where it has to be moved again. Wind in the mountains is ever present and something that we are reconciled to deal with.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

An Additional 12" Of New Snow

Spent the day moving snow and should sleep well tonight. That is Carol the Professional Snow Shoveler out back moving snow. This brings our total snow fall this year to 102" which is 162" below average. We need more snow so Boston can send us all that snow they don't know what to do with - we will take it. We need snow to keep our water table up and to cut down on wildfires. While some complain about the snow to us here in the mountains it is vital.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Focus by Sakioeta'

Lately there have been so many things happening that have really caused me to examine my focus in life. Focus, so important to use so that we know where our energies are best spent. It is so easy to lose track of that and come to the realization that so much has been offered to so many and that it seldom gets reciprocated. There are just times we need to stop, think, focus on what has been our main course in life and even if we have to refocus and suddenly take a different path than the one we have walked on all of our life, that we just need to do that realizing that is where we are at in our life, with ourselves, relationships and direction. These are things that we sometimes become aware of by ourselves and at other times just trying to work with people in a good way without that happening, helps us to make the change and refocus.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Duct Tape Dog

Seems like one thing or another. Echo had to have surgery to remove four cysts and one had become infected. That one required several stitches to close the opening. The surgery was on the side he usually lays on and he got the wound to bleed so I had to put a 4 X 4" bandage onto him. The surgical tape, cloth tape and adhesive tape all did not hold and the bandage would fall off his side. Carol suggested Duct tape and so we tried it and it worked great. He also can't get it off to lick his side. When we took him to the vet yesterday she also thought it was a great idea.

The collar we bought for him to keep from reaching his side was put on according to directions and worked until some snow got under it around his neck. Then it rubbed his neck raw in a place so we had to take it off for his neck and side to heal. Even without the collar the duct tape keeps his wound dry and safe.

We also noticed his eye was looking a little different so back he went yesterday. The diagnosis is pannus which is an eye disease that can lead to blindness if not treated. Living at a high elevation and the snow with its brightness plus the ultraviolet rays both contribute. The German Shepherd breed has a pre disposition to this disease and while it effects other dogs it effects mostly the German Shepherd Dog and Border Collie breeds and Colorado is a prime location for it to occur.

It is not curable but treatable. Two of our German Shepherd Dogs have it and when it starts showing signs of happening we have to put drops in their eyes to keep them from going blind. It was first discovered in Colorado and Austria but now is found in other places. Pannus is more widespread now days but remains prevalent in Colorado. In the summer and winter with the snow glare are the worst times but we have a pair of Doggles which are tinted that they can wear if they are going to be outside more than a few minutes. That is rare that they are outside more than 4-5 minutes and with the Doggles and eye drops they should be fine.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Down Side Of Legalized Marijuana

I don't like to post topics of any controversy on our blog site but this psychedelic painted building is smack dab in the middle of historic Ft. Garland a small western town that has a population of 433 citizens. This is the second pot shop that has opened in this small town and they now bracket the high school. Ft. Garland is a small western town that is rich with history and its main attraction is the old fort that protected the early settlers against attacks and was commanded by none less than Kit Carson.

There is a third pot shop that is opening next to this tourist attraction and the historic scenic railroad site. It will be a grow and sell pot shop. They are putting the third pot shop in a historic register building. Now when visitors from all over the world come to visit this historic site they can take 100 steps next door and buy their pot from what used to be Hogland's a historic building. Hogland's has been next to the old fort as long as the fort has been there.

This isn't about the pro and con of legalized marijuana but about the down side which was not made known when those advocating legalized marijuana were convincing the voters to adopt the new law. Our little quiet town has now become a bastion of vagrants who have migrated here due to its small size and equally small law enforcement presence. Ft. Garland used to be a town with good family values and no crime to speak of. We have recently had one of our small businesses robbed at gun point -something here to fore unheard of - and we were told by one resident that they are now having to keep driving off vagrants from their yard and property.

Denver is bemoaning that the heavy influx of homeless people who have come to Colorado for the "legal" marijuana and have swamped their social  system to the point they can't help those in actual need anymore. Then we have two adjoining States who are suing our State because of increased law enforcement needed because of pot crossing into their states where it is still illegal. A third state is contemplating whether to also join the suit. It is still illegal according to the Federal Government. One thing we citizens were not told is the large market of consumables that would grow from the new "legalized" pot industry. There are daily reports of children having to go to the ER for consuming what they think is candy only to find out it is look alike candy laced with marijuana.

Statistics are now being released that those who have smoked marijuana in the last week have twice the chance of being involved in a traffic accident. That it causes temporary memory loss. It is showing up in schools at alarming rates. Those are just a few of the many down sides of legalizing pot. The revenue it provides is excellent but at what cost? Regretfully we voters were not told of the down side only all the money it would bring to the economy. Our streets are now filled with homeless vagrants which are draining resources for those in actual need. Our children are getting seriously sick consuming marijuana eatables that they think is normal candy when it is only made to look like regular candy.  Our state is struggling on how to label it so people won't get it by accident. Crime to pay for drug habits is on the increase. Drivers are slowly weaving all over the road being high on marijuana. Advocates claim it has medical value and doctors claim the opposite. Advocates say it is less harmful than alcohol. Opponents say it is a gateway drug that leads to more serious drug use. Personally I do not know who is correct but what I do know is that having three pot shops in a city with a population of 433 isn't doing the community a bit of good. As we drove home from the vet today with our dog Echo we saw a man with probably 20 garbage bags and plastic crates in Ft. Garland. He is known as a vagrant and lives on a street corner asking people for marijuana. I see our quaint and historic city heading down due to one pot shop for every 144 citizens. Parents who have for years tried to keep their children off drugs now have pot shops within walking distance of their homes and schools. All this at what cost??? Is it really in the best interest of small communities like ours to have such a proliferation of pot shops taking over its community with buildings that are covered in psychedelic graffiti?  The jury is out but it looks to me like pot is going to destroy small communities like Ft. Garland...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ice Beauty

 As the snow curls off the roof it creates unique beauty to share. Two angles to see this temporary beauty.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Moving another 8" of snow - which is a total of 90" year to date. We have a lot of catching up to do if we make our average snowfall of 264".

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Echo's Sebaceous Cyst Removal - Poor Boy

Our boy Echo had four sebaceous cysts removed by our Vet yesterday. He is looking a little disoriented here wondering how he got to go for a nice Jeep ride in the morning and in the afternoon he is back home and not sure how it all happened. This is his second go around having cysts removed and the Vet says some dogs just seem to get them and others don't. If they are not removed and the dog can lick them they become infected pretty fast and grow large. We watch him carefully for their presence and unfortunately one had been licked and had gotten pretty large. When dogs have thick undercoats it is sometimes hard to detect them. He is in a collar that goes around his neck and is suppose to keep him from licking his stitches. We will see if it works. Today he is back to his old self except for the limits the collar.
The above is a cyst on a dog with little under fur.  The cyst is easier to find when the family member doesn't have thick underfur. I had checked Echo very carefully before going to the vet and when there we found two more which were undetected in his thick underfur. While I was waiting for the anesthesia to kick in I went over him again and found two more which means he doesn't need to go back any time soon. The Vet reconfirmed that Echo is clearly a high maintenance guy and I wouldn't even try to dispute that. He is at the Vet's more than our other two combined. If you have fur family check them for these cysts as they can get infected in a couple days if not removed. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

snow forts/by Carol

One of my friends from back in the day were talking about snow fall and she mentioned the snow forts we used to build out of the piles at the end of the driveways after they had been plowed. Those snow forts sure were fun. I remember one time my sister and I were building one and it was to be "L" shaped. We wondered how much further we had to go so I was in one part and she was in the other. The way we were going to measure is she was going to poke a broom stick through the "wall". She sure did...right onto my nose! It was probably the first time I swore out loud! Makes me smile just thinking of it but at the time there was no smiling! Ah, memories from the good old days........

Friday, January 23, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 22, Snow

 We woke up to a foot of fresh snow today and it was 6 degrees outside. It is a light snow and easy to move and shovel. That makes a total of 82" of snow this snow season which is less than average which is 264" for the winter snow season. We have 182" to go for this season to meet average. With roughly 3 more months to go that means we need to get 60" of snow each month to achieve average snowfall. 5' per month is not out of the question but that adds up to 15' over the next 3 months. We have been enjoying very seasonable weather for us and have been able to work outside during the day in shirt sleeves which is highly unusual.
 the above photo shows the picnic area where yesterday we had a cowboy breakfast because the snow was not a problem. Timing is everything when you live in the mountains.
It is hard to look at that sky without sun glasses as it is so blue and contrasts the snow covered mountain side. We clearly live in a beautiful place but the weather is very unpredictable and often brutal.  We are thankful for the snow because it provides the needed moisture required the rest of the year.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Today the weather person says we are to get up to 12" of snow and it won't warm up past the 20 degrees it currently is. I was cooking cowboy breakfast outside and Mr. Bunny sat under this tree the entire time I was making breakfast. We had a conversation about the pending snow that is forecast and when I brought breakfast inside he was scrunched up even more. I told him the area around the wood stove is nice and warm in case he is interested but I don't know if he will take advantage of the warm or not. He was only about 15' away and never moved except to look at me every once and a while. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Old VS New

My first car was a 1947 Chevy Coop that I bought for $200.00. Back then I could work on cars with a few wrenches, screw drivers, hammer, pliers and of course a bobby pin and tinfoil from a stick of gum. I did all my own repairs back then because what I didn't know one of my buddies would have known. We worked on each others cars and with the basic of tools repairs were pretty easy. On my car I replaced the exhaust system, put a new A-Frame assembly on the right front and did the alignment. I would take the rocker arm cover off and adjust my own valves. Those were the good old days when things were made to adjust and easy to fix. Sometimes a little bailing wire was needed or improvisation but we did our own work. I even helped a buddy pull and replace his flat head V-8 motor once. Cars would last maybe 100,000 miles and along the way we would do a lot of 'fixing'.
That was then and now is much different.

In the old days we didn't have warning lights on vehicles. In fact I had to buy seat belts for my car and install them myself. The dimmer switch for the head lights was a button on the floor. The stick shift was on the steering column and it was the old 'H' system to remember the three shifting positions and also reverse since there were no position markers to tell you what gear you were in.

Recently the engine light came on with our Jeep Liberty. It is 13 years old after all but has low mileage. I took it in to our mechanic and he connected it to a computer. I was advised that it was the throttle sensor module that needed to be replaced. I was then told "There is no accelerator cable any more and how this little sensor sent a message to the engine on how much gas was needed". What??? No accelerator cable to adjust - just an electronic module. Then I was told that the module ordered from the parts store when tested before they installed it was also defective and they had called the parts company for another.

When they plugged my car in it told them all kinds of information including the service dates and that all the other components were working as required. Plug the car into a computer and its entire systems were analyzed and the exact problem was diagnosed. A $40.00 part and a good mechanic to install it and I was back on the road again without worry. All those lights on the dashboard have significance and the durn Jeep ran well and I would never have guessed it could have broken down unless that little light came on and I took it in to be checked. Now cars  last up to 250,000 - 300,000 miles or more. Cars are more expensive now but they last longer. Unfortunately they can't be worked on by the average guy.

 In some ways I miss not being able to work on my vehicles but then again I like the simplicity of how they are built now days. I used to analyse my valves by putting a stick on the engine head and listening through it. That seemed pretty simple but not as simple as using a computer to detect the problem and then unplugging one part and plugging in another. When I went to change the oil in the Jeep I couldn't find the oil filter and when I did I couldn't reach it. I'm still not sure how mechanics manage to get to it to change it. I can't even change my own oil anymore. I used to check the oil for grit or any metal, smell, rub it between my fingers all just to be sure it was okay. Now I have to have it changed because it is so difficult. I guess that is a trade off for having a functional working vehicle for two or three times as long.

 For someone used to doing their own maintenance and repair I guess the old days are gone now and are just a memory albeit a good memory. Young folks won't have the opportunity to experience those good times and that is kind of sad.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fresh Snow

 We received 8" of fresh snow with about 1/4" ice under it. We welcome the snow as it provides the moisture that we will need later in the year. Fortunately the wind is not blowing as the wind can redistribute the snow into 2' plus snow drifts. We also make sure that there is enough sunflower seed in the feeder for the birds.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

$1.49 Of Pure Fun

For those dog parents who read this blog for $1,49, you can enjoy some pure fun with your fur friends. That is the cost of a bag of mini marshmallows from the store. Carol will let the three dogs out into the back yard or on the deck and I will place in plain sight and hide (also in plain sight) some mini marshmallows. Then the dogs come in together and the hunt is on. Between their sense of smell and keen eyesight they hunt down and scoff up all those hidden marshmallows.

It is a game they all love and it is difficult enough to where they have to actually search for the treats which challenges them and they enjoy the change of pace. A few marshmallows is not enough to harm them and they are mostly air anyway. We get the pleasure of directing them to the more difficult finds but telling them they are getting warmer and warmer until they find the treat. Clearly a win win situation for all concerned.

If you haven't tried it I recommend it to stimulate your pet and enjoy the fun yourself.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Second coat

Took a break from football to put a second coat of oil and wax finish on the wood box. The first coat soaks into the wood and the second coat bonds to the first coat and makes for a deep rich finish that will last a very long time. That is especially necessary for a piece of furniture that gets used on a daily basis.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Search Beyond The Allusion by Sakoieta

After a recent experience got me to thinking I realized we always need to be very vigilant and try to see things and understand them for ourselves. We need to be able to search for truth as it is, not as it seems to be. For instance a shadow doesn’t always show us what caused it. The shadow is a silhouette or a dark outline cast by something standing in the way of light. Frequently it is quite opposite from what it appears to be. A cluster of leaves can throw a shadow that looks like a huge snowflake, but in reality it is not a snow flake at all. So it is with chasing a shadow over some one else’s reputation. What seems to be fact may not be fact at all, but only appearance like the leaf cluster that looks like a snowflake. Most of the time we would be lost if we had to depend on people’s appearances. We are so sure of what we are seeing that little can change our mind, until truth moves and presents itself but the shadow didn’t.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Restored Firewood Box

Our firewood box had gotten dark with age and yesterday was such a nice day outside I decided to take it out on the front deck and refinish it. I made the box 20+ years ago out of walnut and rock maple and hand cut the dove tail joints. When you hand cut dove tail joints you never know until you try to fit them together if they will fit or not. If not your box gets smaller as you have to start all over again. Fortunately these joints all fit and the box is solid and has been a great firewood box for the past 18 years. In the summer we store the wood stove utensils in it.
It now looks new again with a new coat of finish and some fine sanding paper to get down to the true color of the wood. Years of treating it with lemon oil had darkened it to where I couldn't tell which wood was which. I also added some cut nails to give it a more attractive appearance. I think it is good for at least another 20 years now.  It had become so dark that had forgotten how pretty the wood actually was.  That is Sarah's bed in the foreground.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ease Up On Yourself - by Sakioeta

People need to ease up and not be so hard on themselves. Self- condemnation is as bad as being lazy and indolent because it is so extreme and unrelenting. Though restraint doesn’t always sit well with us, at least it is more gentle and doesn’t tear down the spirit. Recognize who you are- your own best friend. You are not simply an acquaintance. You are not someone you want to insult or hurt, and you certainly are not someone you want to compete with. Instead you are a person with special qualities and special gifts that need to be cultivated. Go back in time and recall where you got in trouble with yourself. Did someone put you down? Whose opinion do you respect- the words of some outsider who has no tact, or the judgment of your own best friend? As time goes on, you will come to know who your true friends are. And you are the best friend of all that you have to look to

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Skill Jobs

Yesterday when I was in town to have my finger checked I stopped at McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich. The parking lot was pretty full and a McDonalds semi was off loading food supplies. As I sat there in my vehicle eating my sandwich the semi left and I watched as the driver threaded his way out to the highway. I was right behind the semi driver and couldn't fathom the skill it took him to work his way through traffic without a single problem. Other drivers were not giving the semi driver any room to work with and still he patiently worked his way safely out into traffic causing not one single problem.

As I watched this huge vehicle I couldn't help but marvel at the outstanding skill of the driver. We see these big rigs on the highway all the time and take them for granted. These drivers drive millions of miles each year and deliver those products that make our lives easier to live and I'm sure others may not appreciate the skill and tedious mile after mile these men and women put in day after day to make our lives better. I was truly impressed with the skill and patience this particular driver utilized in working through that busy parking lot safely. I don't think I will take these rigs for granted again.

Mountain Sunrises

Yesterday I had a follow up appointment for the injury to my finger and I arose early head into town. As I drove through the valley toward town I was blessed with some of the most beautiful views. I pulled over to take a photo of the mountains which were aglow in sunlight while the valley was still in darkness. The sun rise was breath taking with its orange, peach, yellow and purple colors all mixed together. I would have liked to take more photos but I had many things to do before the doctor appointment and needed to get into town.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Silence A Therapy by Sakoieta

Silence. This one word to some brings to mind the scariest thoughts possible while to others it is a welcome relief and others yet, a sign of hope. Not everything we do has to include words or talk. I have witnessed some of the strongest acts a human is capable of just by watching people at times, being totally silent but getting things done. I remember the one young man in China standing in front of the tanks in Tiananmen square. Didn’t say any thing but by his standing silent and refusing to move such action became noteworthy to where the whole world witnessed his action. I often remember being able to sit with some of our Elder members of society when they were in hospital. Many times not saying a word only having them grab my hand and sitting in this manner for several hours. Then later having people mention to me how important those visits were to their parents and jokingly mentioning to them, "but I never said a word to them" and being told "just that you took the time to come and sit meant the world." The silence often in ceremony. Sweats where few words were spoken, totally dark inside the lodge where in silence we worked with ourselves to be able to enter the outside world again with a renewed mind body and spirit. Silence when we attend the passing of someone, not having to say a word to anyone but just being there in silence lending support and many other different ways. Silence can be the greatest teacher, teaching us self-control, courage, endurance, patience and helping us maintain our own self-respect and dignity. Silence...just by at times standing in support for something and not having to say anything, demonstrates the greatest strength in the world. Standing strong and letting peace do it’s work.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome The Day by Sakoieta

It is always a time of receiving strength and newness when I wake up early and watch the sunrise. It is these mornings that call me to brightness of spirit and to healing any deep hurts that may affect the soul. It is always good to step away from those and to step out and breathe in the peace. I have been taught that as the sun rises to greet it with open hands and words of thanksgiving to receive the strength that will come for the day and the wisdom I need to begin the new year. One of our greatest teachers here on Earth is the natural world because she continues to thrive, where often humans choose to give up. The negative is turned away and only the positive fills our minds, souls and spirits. All around us nature constantly reminds us to do the same. 


As I start the dawn of a new year instead of making resolutions that I will most likely not keep I make a project list instead. Check out this concept in my latest blog for Mother Earth News:

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Nurture Your Inner Self by Sakoieta

We all like to feast with a huge banquet of food and friends to share it all. But there is another type of feast that is in the heart at the core where we live. It is only part of being human that often people believe themselves to be victims in many ways and they starve at the center of their being. They worry excessively about who will look after them, who will feed them who will help to make sure they survive when they reach the aged years. It is good to never start a day without a song on your lips and in your heart. Never start a day being sour and hard to get along with. Never talk trouble or give an ear to those who do. Never give another person reason to be unhappy. Always remember this is your day. You woke and arose this morning, you are alive and this is a day of celebrating another day in your life.